Shilo Inn

Lincoln City, OR
on the Coast

This review is based on two visits to this Shilo Inn, part of a chain in the US Northwest.  It is right on the ocean, and provides a great view.  The new Chinook Winds Casino opened up next door a couple of years ago, inspiring Shilo to expand the facility.  The first visit was to the new building, and the second visit was to the newly renovated original building.

I feel that Mark Hemstreet, owner of the chain, is to be commended for the degree to which the renovation accommodates wheelchairs.  Some problems remain, but few facilities we have encountered have done a proper job of making the facilities accessible to people in wheelchairs.  The bathrooms were large in the rooms we occupied on both trips.  They had raised toilets, proper grab bars, and roll-in showers.  The sink in the dressing area allowed a wheelchair to slip underneath.

These spacious bathrooms came at a price, in the renovated building, however.   There was no clothes closet, or even a hook on which to hang a coat.  The rest of the room was rather confining for a wheelchair, making it difficult to turn.  The bedspreads were long and tended to get caught in the wheels.  There was not enough room to stay away from them.  Wheelchair entry to the rooms in the renovated building are via the ocean side of the building only.  It is a little farther to go, which can be unwelcome in the rainy Oregon weather.

The restaurant is broken up into several levels, with ramp access to only one, through the bar.  The casino provides a cheaper, more accessible alternative for meals.   Your dog is a welcome guest, at a slight additional charge.