Skamania Lodge

Stevenson, WA
in the Columbia Gorge

This review is based on three visits to Skamania Lodge.  It is one of several somewhat similar lodges in Oregon and Washington.  Experiences at the other lodges of similar or newer age might be similar.

This is one of those rare places that feels far from civilization, but is not.   Looking out over a bend in the Columbia River, and surrounded by evergreens, it seems like a timeless world apart.  It has a new, but rustic atmosphere of big timbers and fireplaces.

The rooms are just large enough so that getting around in a wheelchair isn't a constant battle.  The bathrooms are also adequate sized, with a full complement of grab bars.   Some wheelchair accessible rooms have bath tubs, and others have roll-in showers.   Be sure to request whichever best suits your needs.

The restaurant is all on one level, and the public bathrooms are properly equipped.   You can often take lunch on the back patio that looks over the Gorge, but there are no ramps down from the patio.  If you want to get a closer look at the sun dial, of see where the paths go, you will have to make a long trip around the building to get there.  It is possible to dig the wheels of a wheelchair into the loose gravel on the path, requiring assistance, so we suggest you not go alone.

There is a renovated old sawmill across the road that has been turned into a museum.   This is fully accessible to wheelchairs, and is a good source of entertainment for those not swimming, horse back riding, or golfing.

If you want to bring your dog, there is a kennel available, but make reservations well in advance, due to its small capacity.