Waves Oceanfront Motel

Cannon Beach, Oregon

"It feels so good when you stop."  After staying at rental homes on two previous visits to Cannon Beach, the accessibility at the Waves seemed great.  In retrospect, it wasn't that good, but it was a big improvement.

In my opinion, The Waves Motel has the best location in town, right on the beach.   As it happens, we stayed in the unit that juts out farthest onto the beach, which was ideal.  There is a railing that runs along a slight ridge that separates the beach from the motel.  If you can't accompany the rest of your party to the beach (wheelchairs quickly sink in the sand, you know), the railing is so close to the action that you can still carry on a shouted conversation with those on the beach. ("Hey, watch me do this!") 

There is a van accessible parking spot outside, and a long ramp that leads to the room.   Inside, the room is a little cramped for a wheelchair, and it is a challenge to get a wheelchair into the bathroom.  The bathtub is retrofitted, and a significant number of people with disabilities would require assistance getting in and out.  There is a nice little porch where you can go to watch the ocean in the evening.  The kitchen area of the room is pretty well equipped.

Going out to dinner may present some problems.  Few of the restaurants in town are equipped to receive guests in wheelchairs.  Perhaps the pizza place in town, or the seafood restaurant way, way down at the south end of town are the best choices, if you get tired of fixing dinner yourself.